Category Details

Category1 : Visual Identity (Actual Judging Category)

Implementations of a comprehensive corporate identity, design manuals, actual applications or photos envelopes, letterheads, and other stationery

Category2 : Logotype and Symbol Mark (Online Judging Category)

Logotypes and symbols for companies, stores, products, etc.

Category3 : Type Design (Online Judging Category)

New typefaces, corporate typefaces, etc.

Category4 : Graphics (Actual Judging Category)

Corporate profiles, annual reports, catalogs, calendars, posters, newspaper / magazine ads, etc.

Category5 : Book and Editorial Design (Actual Judging Category)

Books, magazines, and other similar media (specifically for sale) Actual items will be exhibited.

Category6 : Packaging (Actual Judging Category)

Product packaging, shopping bags, covers, etc.

Category7 : Infographic (Online Judging Category)

Pictogram, ideograms, diagrams, graphs, maps, statistical, conceptual, and explanatory charts

Category8 : Display and Environment (Online Judging Category)

Examples of typography and signage plans implemented in indoor and outdoor spaces.

Category9 : On Screen / Website (Online Judging Category)

Digital media, motion typography, movies, computer graphics, websites, software, etc.

Category10 : Experimental (Actual Judging Category)

Visual typographic work for independent projects

Category11 : Student Work (Actual Judging Category)

Work created by students, such as independent or school projects. Only students may be involved in the art direction and design of such projects.