Distribution of Award and Honorable Mention Marks

The Japan Typography Association has established the “Awarded and Honorable Mention Marks” in the motif of the Association’s symbol mark as part of the Japan Typography Yearbook 2023.

Awarded and Honorable Mention Marks can be used freely for PR and promotions on product packages, press releases, websites, pamphlets, etc.

Types of Marks

  • Grand Prix Award Mark
  • Best Work award mark
  • Judge’s Choice Award winning mark
  • Selection Award

Time of provision of marks

Within 3 days after the notification of selection is sent out (to the e-mail address registered for entering the exhibit), the mark download address will be sent out.

Each entrant is requested to download the mark during the download period (scheduled to last one week).

How and where to use the mark

Use on various social networking sites of the winners, on the company website, printed and displayed in the company, displayed in product pamphlets, used in press releases, etc.

Mark Usage Guidelines

For more details, please check this guideline (Version 2022).

In principle, you are free to use them as long as you follow the provisions of the guidelines.
*The guideline PDF does not include background data.
*PDFs containing background data will only be sent to award winners.