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Japan Typography Annual 2024 Call for Entries

Taking over the Japan Lettering Association, founded in 1964, the Japan Typography Association (JTA) was established in 1971 to encourage the development of expressive techniques based on textual communication.
Today, with an international membership, our diverse activities include programs and exhibitions to promote typography, and studies on intellectual property rights.
Japan Typography Annual is issued yearly by the Japan Typography Association. First launch1969 as the Japan Lettering Almanac and later renamed Japan Typography Annual in 1976. The almanac has continued to record the history of excellence in typography.
Japan Typography Annual 2024 is our 45th issue.

Simple procedure:

Step 1:
Register as an exhibitor, which is required before exhibiting your work.

Step 2:
Log in from the upper of the left menu using the “User name” and “Password” in the e-mail you received.

Step 3:
After logging in, enter your exhibit information from the “Entry (Click here to enter an exhibit)” menu on the left side of the screen and submit your entry.

Step 4:
For entries in categories 2, 3, 7, 8, and 9, prepare the required documents, etc. and email them to “admin@typography.or.jp” by September 29, along with a PDF of your artwork.
For entries in categories 1, 4, 5, 6, 10, and 11, prepare the required documents, etc. and mail them to Japan by September 29, along with your artwork.

Click here to register as an exhibitor in step 1 →https://annual.typography.or.jp/en/register/

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